Your Situation:

  • You have a wordpress site or sites that needs to be kept up to date, fast and secure.
  • You know that if you just press ‘upgrade’ any number of things might go wrong.
  • You know that not upgrading is more costly in the long run.

Goals of our upgrade package:

  • 1 – Keep your site upgraded with respect everything security related
  • 2 – Make sure that the upgrade process does not cause any problems visible to your customers on the live site
  • As a side benefit – wherever it is practical you’ll get all the available upgrades for your wordpress site which often results in new features – better speed etc.

How it works

In a nutshell… We set up an identical copy of your site and test out all the upgrades on it. Therefore any issues can be identified and dealt with at this stage. Then the actual live site upgrade goes smoothly without affecting your site visitors/customers.

We are aware that all wordpress sites are not created equally – some are simple to upgrade/check and some are extremely complicated. Also, when we’ve upgraded a site a couple of times we generally get quicker at it. Our regular clients get a very favourable rate because we know their site well & know their pitfalls/quirks etc.

Get Your WordPress site up to date and secure NOW!


Initial Assessment – 60GBP (around 76USD/65EURO) – We send you a quick form and perform a series of tests to gather the information we need to determine a fixed price for an initial upgrade cycle. This will include our recommendations for a list of items to check development site vs live site to determine if the upgrades have proceeded without issue. If you choose not to go ahead with the actual upgrade process then 50% of this fee is refundable – no questions asked (other than an optional feedback form!).

The fixed price quote for the upgrade cycle will consist of the following:

Initial Live Site Duplication/upgrade – The first time we perform this process it takes a little longer. Sometimes some modifications/fixes need to be performed on the site in order that it can be successfully duplicated. Typically this could cost 60GBP (around 76USD/67EURO) for a site with all its plugins upgradeable in the WP plugin store and no custom code. If you have paid plugins that need upgrading or any complex custom code then this could be higher.
Ongoing Live Site Duplication/upgrades – We will also give you an estimate at this point for what it will cost to duplicate the site in future (after the first attempt). Typically this will by 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of the initial procedure.
Checking Procedure – We will list the items we intend to check on the development site against the live site and give you a fixed price for how long this will take each time. Typically for a blog we’re talking 25GBP (about 33USD/28EURO). For a shop where checkout needs to be checked etc this could be 3 or 4 times that easily. However, we also allow the option of the client performing the checks to make this more affordable. Or alternatively we can either add things to the list or take them off depending on the level of checking/budget you are comfortable with. We can advise you on this to help find a solution that suits you/your business.

The Bottom Line (approximately for a relatively straightforward site):
Initial assessment: 60gbp (around 76USD/67EURO)
First duplication/upgrade: 80gbp (around 105USD/90EURO)
First checking procedure: 25gbp (about 33USD/28EURO)

Subsequent duplication/upgrades: 40gbp (around 50USD/45EURO)
Subsequent checking procedures: 25gbp (about 33USD/28EURO)

For a low traffic site we reccomend once a year. For high traffic/eccommerce etc more like every 6 months.

Get Your WordPress site up to date and secure NOW!

The Outcome

An upgrade process will result in 1 of 3 outcomes:
1) Live site upgraded successfully 100%
– looking exactly the same as before
– or with minor changes that you have agreed are not significant
– or with minor fixes performed by us within the fixed price

2) Live site upgraded successfully with regard security but some non-security critical software has not been upgraded since the upgrade would cause issues.

3) Issue identified during development site upgrade related to security critical software. In this instance an estimate will be provided for fixing this and the live site will be unaffected until a decision has been made on how to proceed.

The small print:
– Although an experienced tester will compare the upgraded development site with your live site, we cannot guarantee that when a development site is deemed ‘identical’ to the live site after an upgrade that it actually is. Therefore we also give the client an opportunity to check that the development site looks the same.
– very occasionally, providing an accurate estimate for fixing a security critical issue or even tracking down precisely what is causing a problem (sometimes plugins interact in the problems they cause upon upgrading) will prove too much to attempt within this fixed price. In this case we’d have to agree on a course of action together (ie small task to investigate the issue etc)
– We cannot guarantee your site does not get hacked. We agree with clients a good compromise between affordability and having things as up to date as possible as they get released. There are some (usually e-commerce) sites that we upgrade every 6 months and some (low traffic blogs usually) that we leave 1yr. We’ve done over a hundred upgrades so far and never had a site hacked that follows this protocol.
– Our development sites run on PHP7. This is the latest version of PHP. In our experience this means that if your hosting runs on php7 or below then any site that works on our server will also work on yours. However, this does mean that sometimes we see sites that don’t work on php7 having compatibility problems on our server. At this point we give clients the option of either tolerating these errors on our development server or getting them fixed (because eventually their host is going to force them to upgrade anyway…)

Get Your WordPress site up to date and secure NOW!


We believe the best and only way to keep a wordpress site fast and secure is a long term relationship with a development partner who can test upgrades on a development site thoroughly before putting them live.

Our work with our regular clients over the last decade has made our upgrade product steadily more predictable and affordable to the point where we can offer it in this way.

We hope it contributes to many peaceful nights sleep for our clients as they know their site is taken care of.

Get Your WordPress site up to date and secure NOW!