Mission Statement

Your website, crm system, online shop, email marketing... It should all just work.

You shouldn't be calling your developer at 10pm the night before a big launch frantically getting details fixed...

You shouldn't notice that a whole bunch of things broke after the last update (a few months back & no one saw it...)

Freedom Online Services is here to make sure It Just Works so you can spend your time on what counts - be it business, art, music, speaking, writing etc.

If you'd like to discuss a project please send an email to and let us take charge of the logistics so you and your business can get on with doing the things you excel at.

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Great working with Rob, who is very attentive, proactive, resourceful and friendly developer who knows his stuff.

Simply Brilliant! Super helpful and understanding while offering many recommendations and great advice
Dilpreet Khalsa

Been excellent working with Rob! We were a horrendously pernickity client, and yet Rob and his team bore with us through all! The results are a phenomenal site….

I would highly recommend Rob – very knowledgable about blog articles and keyword research. Also, easy-going person to work with. Hope to work with him again soon.

Let me just tell you people one thing; Working with Rob has been an absolute pleasure. His skillset is sharp, and his communication sharper.

Sinuhe Montoya

Really great help. Went through everything i needed to know and have now nearly finished my website in 2 days!
Would definitly recommend to anyone who wants help with their website!

Thanks Rob, you have been amazing … and patient! I would recommend you to any small business wanting a site that is a business and designed for income. I give my vote to freedom online services!
My website improves each week and the progress would move faster if I could devote more time to the project. Rob keeps the deadlines we agree on and he is responsive with email.

The guy is simply a genius – take my word for it!

Rob is amazingly professional – so much so I trust him with my own clients! He is quick, responsive, and efficient – will use him again!
Ayeshah Abuelhiga
Really good advice. Excellent. Easy to deal with could not ask for more!

I’ve been working with Rob for 3 years and he’s always incredibly helpful, prompt and easy to communicate with. He takes all the stress out of web redesign and he never fobs me off with something I don’t want. I would recommend him highly!

Excellent work – very creative, professional and responsive. Even through some difficulties he stayed positive and I am exceptionally happy with his work!

I must say that Rob is really very helpful and understanding and tried to seek a solution that fit my budget. I was also impressed by his level of customer service as although the job was relatively small in value, I was treated very well as a customer and the right level of attention was given to the work.

Erel Onojobi

brilliant person to work with by far, best and most transparent service I have ever seen, would work with him again


Web Logistics Agency

  • WordPress websites built and managed
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • CRM Systems - automate client interactions
  • SEO Analysis and Strategy
  • Custom Back End Development Work/integrations/plugins
  • Logo design/Front End Design work


  • We understand site security
  • We understand site performance
  • Sites tested thoroughly on virtually all browsers and devices using http://browserstack.com.
  • All our clients, be they charites or businesses or individual creatives have projects that matter. Like you, we'll treat them like our baby that needs looking after. We'll pay attention to every detail.

Customer Service

You'll get an answer within 24hours (with the occassional excception of public holidays/sundays...).

Everyone you talk to or communicate with via email will be friendly and helpful.

How it happened

This business was built out of my own need to build solutions for presenting and promoting my own projects online. I wanted systems that worked seamlessly, whether it was SEO, building a sumptuous media site, some custom development for a special purpose... ...or just a simple blog. I & my clients alike wanted to be able to say 'just sort it!'. The portfolio and testimonials on this site are the result of an 10year long journey into online marketing.

I now run a team of professional freelance specialists. They each do a better job of their part of the picture than I ever could. And with the help of the systems I've designed, I'm the glue that holds it together.

Our sites are usually (but not always) built on wordpress. They are secure and built wherever possible on free software - that way you're always free to move on if you wish.

Everyone you speak to here will be friendly, responsive and helpful - and we'll give you the most accurate estimates we can for any task. Where that's not possible we promise to explain why in english that makes sense (not geek speak).

Kind Regards,




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