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Prevent Another Corona

Motivated by my desire for my child to have a normal childhood and see his friends, go to school, not have to wear and see people wearing facemasks I put together this blog and soon to be podcast. I believe we had the wrong reaction to covid. Instead of working to correct the causes of […]

Some advances of modern technology are great… A lot of the ones around food have been motivated by cost and convenience rather than health or indeed taste… Therefore this blog and podcast explores how ancient cultures prepared their food for maximum health and enjoyment properties. It features a custom music player for the podcast and […]

In my mind, music is positive change. When it touches you, makes you take a step back and think and act with more consciousness than you would before. This site includes a custom mp3 player that lets you navigate the site and read its contents/purchase from its shop without interrupting the play. When you play […]

About Us

The dogmas of the 20th century are literally crumbling around us – causing misery as they fight to keep us where we were. Yet the technologies and opportunities we have now are greater than ever. Freedom Online Services makes the technology of the 21st century available for all those who want to embrace its challenges […]