Prevent Another Corona

Project Details

Motivated by my desire for my child to have a normal childhood and see his friends, go to school, not have to wear and see people wearing facemasks I put together this blog and soon to be podcast.

I believe we had the wrong reaction to covid. Instead of working to correct the causes of the pandemic (our neglecting of both health and environment) we’ve sought to paper over the cracks and get everything back to normal. This will not happen since those factors that caused covid-19 continue to work in the background creating new variants and ultimately more respiratory virusses.

The whole thing is custom built – slider/site and all to maximise the visual impact with the photos we had available. Podcast player coming soon as I interview experts in deforestation, epidemiology, biology, functional medicine and more to try to clarify what we really should be doing as individuals and as societies to fight what 2020 brought to our world.