1. Hi Shubham, as you can see Ash has done some detective work and traking down this issue on staging

    I wonder what would happen if he booked a 4th appointment? Would it still only display two? On live, this precise build was sometimes showing appointments but not always. Particularly previously booked ones seemed to vanish. So this could be the explanation.

    Please can you investigate further with the logins provided referring to the screeshots if needed.

  2. And now I understand… Previously saved cards never make it to stripe – the new card they tried this morning was the one that failed 3d secure – therefore that would not have been a ‘saved card’. Banks are saying we have to ‘implement 3d secure’ but it’s passing for some transactions so I’m curious what it is we have/haven’t implemented.

  3. ok so to my surprise I just found out both transactions were done via admin dashboard… So now I wonder why the first one didn’t even make it as far as stripe?! And original question still stands – ie do we have 3d secure fully implemented?

  4. I’m re-opening this task as it’s basically where most of the past info is stored. Basically, on apr 12th Jane tried to do a transaction beween instructor and patient steve martin (might be other person on log but with surname martin…)

    The transaction failed and never made it to stripe.

    Then the patient tried to do the transaction apr 15th and it gotas far as a stripe ‘incomplete’. I’ll attach a screenshot and the json ‘event’ from stripe so you need not log in…

    Both were second/subsequent transactions – ie the card has worked before and thereforeas faras I know, your system saved the card details then tried to re-use them.

    However the one from the admin dash would have tagged it ‘merchant-initiated’ ie to require no 3d secure and operate as an exception. This has worked with this card previously but now no more…

    I recently re-jigged the code so that when the patient tries from their dashboard it attempts regular 3d secure transaction. These have often succeeded. Though I’m not sure if 3d secure has actually asked for anything in these cases – in the logs they just say ‘automatic’.

    And really that’s the crux of my question. In the screenshot I’m about to attach, it asks us to implement a stripe.js front end for 3d secure – but I don’t know whether that’s just a default message or if we really don’t have that.

    If we don’t, then what would be involved in getting it? Updating stripe API version? Or other front end libraries?

    Sorry to land this one on you but you’re the only one of us who stands even half a chance of getting a firm answer to this question!