1. actually two other questions that occur to me – have the pages (blog posts in particular) actually been migrated properly? And have the comments been migrated?

  2. hiya – how’s this looking? Doable? (fingers crossed – gotta be better than rhythm passport i’m hoping;) – I realise you can’t give me any serious time estimate but if you had a wild guess it’d be helpful… I can mention it when I invoice him for 10hrs or whatever…

  3. Hiya, now frank’s paid I’m putting my mind to his work again;-)

    Re these seo links – i’d like to go to v maybe that means redirecting the 404page in this case.

    And also, the main menu pages need to redirect to their counterparts – ie needs to go to (you can see the main menu links by going to

    Lastly, I’m wondering if you could go in there with a free security plugin and make it as hard to hack as possible. I don’t think he’s going to want to pay to upgrade it ever – but it’ll probly have to be there at least a couple of years.

  4. This should be working fine now. I found that it had letsencrypt SSL enabled under domain settings which I have enforced now.

    If you go to site it should take you to https –

  5. Issues Found:

    1. Contract just whirrs for regular telessesions user
    Steps to reproduce:
    a) create new instructor user
    b) activate him for telesessions
    c) log in as instructor and got to contracts section. Then click to sign.
    – blank page except for close box and whirring thing in middle
    – has this impacted live site also as changes were made in docusign?
    – do other stroke solutions contracts still work? I could not sign the regular stroke solutions contract for my instructor either

    2. Instructor Link exists to sign contract that does not change upon activating SLT
    Steps to reproduce:
    a) activate an instructor for SLT
    b) log in as that instructor and go to the ‘telesessions’ tab
    c) click on the option ‘here’ to go to the telesessions welcome page
    d) click to sign up for telesessions
    – blank page as above – I presume because this link does not change
    – I believe this link is generated by a shortcode if that helps…

    3. Multiple warnings on Intructor dashboard
    Steps to reproduce:
    a) log in as instructor
    – warning: attempt to read [roperty ID on null in…
    – is this only because we’re in debug mode (ie won’t show on live)?
    – does it matter? 🙂

    4. Multiple warnings on Patient Dashboard
    a) create new patient and don’t assign to anyone yet – just log in
    – warning undefined array key ‘in person’ in…
    – nothing to do with us this one right? 🙂
    – do you think it matters or even shows on live without debug mode?

    5. Patient Link exists to sign contract that does not change upon activating SLT
    a) Create patient and connect to instructor signed up as SLT
    b) log in as patient and got to telesessions tab
    c) click to say you’re ready to sign up for telesessions (and go to the patient telesessions welcome page)
    d) click to sign contract for telesessions
    – blank/close box whirring screen

    6. No ‘Contract’ tab between orders and transactions when you log in as patient
    Steps to reproduce:
    a) log in as,testpassword
    – have I missed something – I can see it’s there in your screenshot… ?

    1. Also, the ‘Instructor Assigned’ email needs disabling for Slt patients… I missed that one… Maybe best we get the rest fixed and live first as its not critical. Looking at the above again I’m wondering if a lot of it is ‘dev site’ related issues. But we have to know for sure…

  6. Dev site is bit different from live site because wp_Debug is set to true and lot of upload documents are not available.

    3 and 4 are related to wp_debug

    1 is occuring because a new instructor has to be approved by admin before any contract signing

    I will check the rest and get back to you

  7. I have added fixed for 1 and 6

    for 1 since it was using new demo account of docusign on dev site so all template documents were not uploaded which I had to take from live.

    6 was an actual bug for SLT in patients profile and has been fixed

    1. that’s awesome thanks. Tom’s agreed to try to get contracts/new email details for next week for us. So I’ll oheck monday morn. email notification for this comment arrived this time:)

    2. Hiya, I tested again and all looks fixed thankyou. Please ping me asap for when you can put it live (in a morning before I get up if possible so I can do a few checks). Only small thing I saw was when you’ve signed a contract as an instructor, the instructor telesessions welcome page says ‘contract signed thankyou’ instead of giving you a link to sign one. Whereas when you’ve signed as a patient (for slt at least – i haven’t tested upper limb) it just continues to offer you the possibility to sign. Probably not worth delaying going live but will need fixing at some point I think. I’ll attach a screenshot of logged in patient.

      OK Forget my bug reportand screenshot! It was me gettin, confused. It’s all good to go!!


    1. ok in that case pls could you make the change to that dvd/streaming bundle (removing streaming access) and also check through the rest of the dvds/bundles to make sure they’re not giving people free streaming access also:-) We only found out about this one because he was honest – can’t imagine people telling us if they don’t have to…

    2. please can you check all the physical dvd products to make sure none of them give out logins in this way. It looks like a lot of them are set like this…

  8. Can you send me a copy of contract? has he uploaded it somewhere?

    If he has simply replaced his oldcopy in docusign then I dont think it will work and instructors will notice new contract. We will need to update the related contract keyword in code files for this.

  9. Hiya, looks like dashboard still only lets you set class dates for men (screenshot attached) and also looking at the ‘processing’ email it doesn’t look like the text from 6 is included. Did you hard code it? Would love to get 4 and 5 to him this week then send him instructions/bill if possible…


  10. @Rob basically we need to add a postcode field and zoom button to zoom the map to the postcode area. Is that correct?

    It should be doable but I will need to check the google api code for this

  11. Hey Rob, I am able to understand the problem discussed in the task but I dont know what solution you want me to work on. Do you want me to research on paytia and integrate this on site and does it need to work with stripe? This seems like a complex research based task which may take some time.

    1. I think at this point ignore paytia – that was just background info – but please could you look into the code to see where that checkout page is for adding sessions – both for admin and for the instructor it is on and have a think about what would be necessary to implement saved cards so people could just click to pay next time without entering card details. It’ll need some stripe research too. Tom’s out of hospital and at home feeling a lot better. Once he’s back working and cleared his inbox a bit I’ll send him another invoice!

  12. So at this point Tom wants you best estimate for how long it would take to add a ‘pay with saved card’ checkbox to the ‘plans’ page for both admin (purchasing on behalf of patient) and for patient… Stripe can do this with its API but I don’t know how conmplicated it is…

  13. A couple of ‘relatively’ quick changes…

    1. SLT patients will never need to sign the regular stroke solutions contract. ie the first one here:!rules
      Ideally what I want is when the ‘Patient is SLT’ checkbox in admin is checked, it is as if this regular stroke solutions contract has been signed. ie the appointments tab works/it is possible to purchase sessions. And the contract is no longer displayed in the contracts section. How easy is this?
    2. When instructors log in for the first time, there are a couple of messages on the top of the dashboard. One of them asks the instructor to sign the new contract (which is no neccessary after we’ve done point 1) and the other sells a DVD (I believe you can see this one in the Theme Options -> Notifications) tab in the back-end. This also is not neccessary for SLT. Basically I think SLT people just don’t need those notifications at the top of the screen!
  14. I finally got some clarity on this task. I’ll attach the new contract here. Then basically, what you’ll see at the moment is that if you create a new instructor (on the live site at least) then they get a message saying they need to sign the new contract for march or something… Basically, what we need is that message to say new contract ‘for October’ and then have it be the one attached. Then this message together with its dashboard lockout needs to be applied for “all” instructors. So they have to sign it before they can do anything… Do check the wording with me/show me somewhere to alter it in the dashboard,,, Might be worth trying it on staging first;) Nothing whatsoever like what he described below… And SLT people won’t see this (see SLT changes..) Lastly also before we do this we need to check in docusign to see how many contracts can be signed in one month and whether we need to pay for more/stagger it in some way… So please give me your opinion on that also.

  15. @rob I have now updated around 3-4 products with wrong streaming options added to Dvd set. Let me know if there is any other missing.

  16. looks good on the front end to me thanks – i guess i’ll have to check stripe when someone buys the 10session to be sure the ratio betw ss and instructor has changed:) Thankyou!

    1. @karan this is perfect thankyou! Pls push live. Also, on the checkout page at the bottom pls:
      1. Remove the words:
      Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account
      2. Move the check box up 2 lines (ie, under Total)
      3. Then
      3 ways to pay:
      Pay by Paypal: Proceed to Paypal

  17. just for the record we’ve had another occurrence of a purchase that did not correctly register its sessions for the patient -similar issue perhaps? The guy’s email is and his name is Paul Chidgey. If you look at his event log you can see Jane has added the sessions manually. But also you can see that a subsequent purchase on nov 2nd worked fine.

  18. Thanks so much for this – wastotally my fault the above needed doing so you dug me out of a hole without costing client too much… I tested today and all looks good re changes. Only thing I did notice is the checkboxes ‘activate telesessions feature for patients’ and ‘activate slt for patients’ should not be visible/changeable for instructor. Only admin should be able to toggle these. Please can you do tha then put live?


  19. Thanks for this – (i did get a notification via email however i missed it! human error… i need to do a mail rule so they get to the right folder…) Tom just sent back this:

    Could you possibly also put a line between:

    ‘….after hospital and community physiotherapy finishes’
    ‘Please click on the 2022 ARNI Newsletter’

    Also please change the text to:
    ‘Please click on the image for 2022 ARNI Newsletter’

    …and also make that last line of text vanish on small mobile same as the magazine image does on the right

  20. Hi. Please can we:
    – do all of the instructor photos in the strokesolutions library that have the t-shirt.
    – fix any that look like they have their heads chopped off by cropping them if possible (including the one we removed before)
    – make them scrolla bit quicker

  21. @rob Is it ok if I share admin access of stroke solutions to my developer for finding photos? There are quite a number of items in media library

  22. The News feed on the patients side only should be deleted and replaced with
    this Facebook carousel –

    But it’s important that the Facebook carousel doesn’t replace the News feed
    on the instructors side –

    Or can we think of a solution where the instructor can also see the Facebook

    Like maybe have the News Feed stopping with 2 visible entries and just one
    Facebook carousel something a bit like the attached?? 😉

  23. I believe the above applies to both the sidebar feed and the news page you identified.

    Then maybe take a screenshot of the feed and do a png of it on the arni site to show him to see if he likes it…

  24. Also, they asked me the following:
    Could the logo at the top be a little larger? Or maybe with the new, cleaner design it will look good as is?
    Could the light gray of the top banner be blended into the background of the logo?
    The turquoise box now seems especially prominent, what are some options to downplay this…larger percentage of shared screen to the video, different font in the tag line, moving the “click here” section to that side?
    Can you add the comma after “Productivity” please?
    Is it possible to easily change the font for the whole site to more closely match the font in the logo?

    The last one I shall ask what the font is – but the rest I figured you know better than me maybe?:-)

  25. I have a feeling last year you modified the colors of the dev site last year. I wonder if we need to suggest modifying again? What do you think?

  26. Tom just sent me this:

    Have just tried to put through a payment of 10 sessions for Michael Barter and after entering in the code that his wife gave me it said that the card did not support these types of payments.

    Do you have logs for payment attempts? Must have happened today – this morning I’m thinking. Likely it’s something there end but it would help if we could give them some evidence of that…

  27. Further to the conversation Karan and I had this morning, please can we have a mockup with new logo and:
    – video/slider from rhs at 75%width centered
    – blue panel from lhs now below it also at 75% centered but now only as tall as it needs to be (ie probly less than half the height

    Hopefully you can do this with a combination of browser inspector and graphics package.

  28. Perfect thankyou. Re the font, it’s AvantGarde in the logo. Please could you take a look and see if it’s available free/relatively inwxpensive. If not maybe there’s one that’s similar?

  29. I had a long discussion with stripe support. Apparently, when you’ve saved card details you can then mark a transaction as a ‘merchant-initiated-transaction’ in the payment intent api. This is apparently the closest we’re going to get to exempting from SCA and smss etc… Does that make sense and can you do it? Effectively in your system it would happen immediately after you have identified that the entered card details are already saved and therefore are going to use the saved version.

  30. I have made configurations for image optimisations and caching plugin using wp fastest cache. It was improved the score somewhat. Any further optimisation we may have to look into installed plugins and theme code to optimize http requests which might take quite more time. See attached screenshot for new pingdom results


  31. The ssl issue I would like to work after home page changes are deployed on live as we will need to edit templates for it and some changes could be overwritten between 2 tasks

    1. Got an answer from them – please can we :

      1. change the tint of that turquoise panel so it’s a little less bright (ie doesn’t dominate the logo so much)
      2. check and make sure the new layout looks good on all desktop/mobile
      3. do https fixes and put live!

      Sooner better really – then the rest of their list we can do a bit more calmly with feedback from their boss when she’s back from holiday! I haven’t checked the hours but I’m wondering if it’s nearing 10 I should wait a couple days and bill her 15…

  32. Hopefully Tom’s connected facebook on both sites now? (he says he has…) Please could we put these live in various discussed locations. Also please add one to the bottom of the sidebar in

  33. Hiya. I’m ressurecting this task as they’re starting to use it right now and will want tweaks/changes/additional features related to it ongoing as they get feedback from instructors and patients. Firstly I realised that I’m not clear on the behaviour of the ‘buy sessions’ page for slt patients. Their instructor will have signed the SLT contract but NOT the regular face to face sessions contract. Ideally this would mean that when a patient buys sessions, they only have the option of telesessions and NOT face to face sessions (neither 1hr nor 1.5hr). Can you tell if this is the case. It’s a heck of a scenario to actually test it…