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Tom had a guy purchase this in postal dvd version *only* https://www.strokesolutions.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php?post=6646&action=edit#inventory_product_data and he was sent streaming login info also. If youlook at the variations on this product you’ll see there’s a ‘streaming action’ field for each and it looks to me like the dvd only is set the sameas the streaming+dvd bundle and streaming only variations. ie to send people streaming access (incorrectly!) for the dvd only version. Does this concur with your understanding? sorry i know its a bit unfamiliar for yĆ“ but I wanted a second opinion… I’m sure you will have to look at this stuff at some point anyway!


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Aug 16, 2022

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    1. ok in that case pls could you make the change to that dvd/streaming bundle (removing streaming access) and also check through the rest of the dvds/bundles to make sure they’re not giving people free streaming access also:-) We only found out about this one because he was honest – can’t imagine people telling us if they don’t have to…

    2. please can you check all the physical dvd products to make sure none of them give out logins in this way. It looks like a lot of them are set like this…

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