dashboard message/lockout and contract change

I got the following from Tom. Does it make sense or shall I wade in an try to give clearer instructions?

Could you ask Karan to deny entrance to all instructors who have not signed the new, updated one to one Guide/Contract – ie, all Instructors up to Nicky Hopper’s signing in 07/06/22

The message on their Dashboards should simply read:

‘Dear ARNI Associate Instructor, please read and sign this updated contract and sign it to regain full access to your Dashboard. Many thanks! Tom’

Their old contracts, once done, should be removed from their Guide/Contract Info section with the new one replacing it..


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  1. Can you send me a copy of contract? has he uploaded it somewhere?

    If he has simply replaced his oldcopy in docusign then I dont think it will work and instructors will notice new contract. We will need to update the related contract keyword in code files for this.

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