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Frank’s old site (they don’t build’em like that any more!) is more convincing in google’s eyes than his new one Hence before we shut down the old on I would like to redirect the most visited pages to their specific locations on the new site. I will attach here (if I can…) a screenshot of the google analytics list of pages that need redirecting. In addition I would also like the main menu item pages redirected. Then everything else to redirect to home page.

I have a few questions before you start:
1) can you even find his old site in his dashboard – I can’t see it anywhere!
2) If I did this myself I would use an .htaccess file. I reckon it’d take 2 or 3hrs at most. Would you have another method in mind? (eg set up a wordpress and use a plugin to do 301 redirects)
3) And how long roughly do you think it would take?
4) am I right in saying that the url structure is so complicated and random that one single wildcard redirect that covers all pages to their specific replacement would be a regex nightmare that neither of us want to explore?


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frank – closing old site

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Apr 19, 2022

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  1. actually two other questions that occur to me – have the pages (blog posts in particular) actually been migrated properly? And have the comments been migrated?

  2. Hiya, now frank’s paid I’m putting my mind to his work again;-)

    Re these seo links – i’d like to go to v maybe that means redirecting the 404page in this case.

    And also, the main menu pages need to redirect to their counterparts – ie needs to go to (you can see the main menu links by going to

    Lastly, I’m wondering if you could go in there with a free security plugin and make it as hard to hack as possible. I don’t think he’s going to want to pay to upgrade it ever – but it’ll probly have to be there at least a couple of years.

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