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I spoke with Frank yesterday & have some changes to his group classes system:
1) Only one group class product can be placed in the shopping basket at one time – is this easy to do I can’t remember..?

2) Please remove all address fields (but not phone no/email from checkout page in woocommerce (user plugin if easier than custom)

3) He has one Women’s group class and one Mens Group class. Therefore please duplicate the system so he has both a free and 5 class product for both women and men. And also can enter times/dates for each in the back end. I’ll deal with the customer login screen separately.

4) Then when customers log in they should see two columns ‘Men’s Support Group’, ‘Women’s Support Group’. Each column essentially contains the existing my-account page content. Just one for the mens classes and one for the women’s classes. Where is says buy a new group class I’d like the link to add the appropriate 5 class block to the basket and preferably go straight to checkout… (only one can be in there are once remember so it’ll have to remove the previous cart contents – is that doable? I seem to remember you did it on the mpyke site?…)

5) Then we need a page to replace /mens-support-group – probably best to do a duplicate to work on. Same page content except remove the section ‘Join the Call’ and steps 1 and 2 and replace them with a button ‘Claim Your Free Trial Support Session’. This clears the cart, adds the apprpriate product and goes to checkout. Then ‘…or if you are a regular attendee’, and another button ‘Login Here’. This goes to a login page that redirects to the my-account page upon login. If he likes it we can do the womens version and replace the originals

6) Site must force people to create an account on purchase if they do not have one already. And Email recieved upon purchase must include at top ‘Please Login in at to view your upcoming classes using the username and password provided (please check your email spam if you’re not seeing them in your inbox)’.

7) Would really help if you could do 4 screenshots for the ‘logged in my-account’ screen of a customer when they have purchased a 5 class set (with some upcoming classes), taken a free set (with upcoming) and then one each for when the classes have expired. I’ve lead him through most of this on the phone so he’ll know what he’s looking at now.

Phew… I’ll try to get him clued up on paypal in woocommerce in the meantime!




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Jul 27, 2022

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Sep 06, 2022 3.5 Frank Group updates - - checkout remove address fields, - limit to 1 item in basket, - Men - Women separate group products - force login on checkout, style updates -


  1. Hiya, looks like dashboard still only lets you set class dates for men (screenshot attached) and also looking at the ‘processing’ email it doesn’t look like the text from 6 is included. Did you hard code it? Would love to get 4 and 5 to him this week then send him instructions/bill if possible…


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