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Hi Karan,

Currently Jane reports difficulty from intsructors making payments. Basically 3d secure is kicking in and creating various different problems. They have tightened the regulations a lot in europe. It’s a similar problem to what we had with Tom paying you via card last year… Either the card provider activates an OTP request and the client is too old and confused to complete it – or sometimes the card provider just declines the transaction (and even disables the card!).

When I talked to Stripe about it they said there is little you can do for first time payments BUT if you can get one payment through then saving card details within stripe is a big help in allowing stripe to persuade card providers to bypass 3dsecure and validate a payment.

The screenshot is of a payment made to an instructor for which Stripe Connect sent Tom a ‘collected fee’. There is a payment method diplsyed on the payment. What stripe are saying is that these need to be saved. I’ve attached a second screenshot of the patient’s ‘customer’ page in stripe. The customer has no ‘payment methods’. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to add them under our present system.
Please can you have a look to see if I’m right and what can be done about it?

This problem is losing them sales at the moment (imagine going through what we went through with Tom last year with a dozen 70+ year old stroke victims – nightmare!). So it’ll really make a difference to solve it. Currently patients are only buying one session at a time as this is less likely to get declined.

I’ve also done some research and found that for first time payers we can implement an addon called paytia which is allowed as an exception to 3d-secure. It also allows elderly customers to enter their card details on a phone handset just typing in numbers (which presumably they can do if they managed to phone Jane). So I believe we can solve TOm’s problems in this area for good:)



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Sep 04, 2022

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  1. Hey Rob, I am able to understand the problem discussed in the task but I dont know what solution you want me to work on. Do you want me to research on paytia and integrate this on site and does it need to work with stripe? This seems like a complex research based task which may take some time.

    1. I think at this point ignore paytia – that was just background info – but please could you look into the code to see where that checkout page is for adding sessions – both for admin and for the instructor it is on and have a think about what would be necessary to implement saved cards so people could just click to pay next time without entering card details. It’ll need some stripe research too. Tom’s out of hospital and at home feeling a lot better. Once he’s back working and cleared his inbox a bit I’ll send him another invoice!

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