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We have a new feature agreed upon (and another on the way actually…).

The idea is to have a feed of posts from the site appear on the stroke solutions site.

– The location would when you log in as a patient on the strokesolutions site there is a sidebar on the right with ‘news’ as the title. We’d like another above it with the title ‘blog’
– The contents would be the images from the blog posts on the arni site (the last 5) scaled small
– Each one would be a link which when clicked activates a popup which displays the post content of that blog post. Then you close the popup and go back to viewing the stroke solutions site.

My thought was that you can get the RSS feed from ARNI which has the image src link for each post’s image. Then maybe they need scaling? That could update once a day perhaps. Then get displayed in sidebar ‘blog’

Then we could have a separate layout ?ss=1 or something on the arni site which strips out all the headers etc so that it could load in a popup on the stroke solutions site.

Sound doable in 6 or 7 hrs do you think? 🙂


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Jul 22, 2022

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