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If you log in as admin and go to ‘user map’ ( you’ll see all the instructors are displayed on a zoomable google map. Please have a look at how its coded and give us an idea how doable it would be to add a postcode field and a ‘zoom’ button that zooms the map to that postcode?


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Tom Balchin

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Aug 23, 2022

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Sep 25, 2022 3 User map fields and frontend assets gulp deprated issue debug Karan
Sep 25, 2022 3 User map google maps geocode api integration and zoom Karan
Sep 06, 2022 1 Creating api fields, deploying on staging and testing Karan


  1. @Rob basically we need to add a postcode field and zoom button to zoom the map to the postcode area. Is that correct?

    It should be doable but I will need to check the google api code for this

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